St.Mary & St.Moses Coptic Orthodox Church

An ancient faith with young origins; few know of St.Mary & St.Moses’ humble beginnings 


Our Story

Prior to the church being established with hundreds of congregants and a renowned annual festival, the couple of families that lived in the area traveled to sister churches in Canada and Rochester for weekly liturgies. During the summer of 2003, with the guidance of H.G. Bishop David, this handful of families would acquire the church building we know today as St.Mary & St.Moses. For several years after, priests from aforementioned sister churches would rotate visits to administer liturgy & services for the local congregants.

It was not until November 11, 2008 that the church was blessed with the ordination of Father Mark by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. Catalyzed by the love and guidance of Father Mark, the church has flourished since his ordination. Church renovations began, the Egyptian Festival inaugurated, and weekly youth meetings started to name a few of the many blessings. Slowly but surely the church and its services grew alongside the congregation itself.

With Fr.Mark leading by example, the congregation of St.Mary & St.Moses pride themselves in being a small church with a big heart. Over fourteen diverse nationalities coming together under the Coptic faith as one family.

The church was recently blessed with the visit of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II on September 2nd, 2018 where he consecrated the altar.


“…coming together under the Coptic faith as one family.”

We are an Orthodox Christian Church, all are welcome to attend services, and learn more about the ancient apostolic Christian faith of Jesus Christ!


Home of Buffalo’s Annual Egyptian Festival

A popular church event now a Buffalo staple; the annual St.Mary Egyptian Festival!

Adventure into the Egyptian culture with delicious food, decadent desserts, traditional gifts and a community that will have you feeling like family. The exuberant cultural celebration includes a church exhibition, raffles, kids corner, gift shop and much more!